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Like hospitality industry, education industry is also busy round the clock with numerous activities like admissions, exams, category wise knowledge, documents and records of all the pass outs along with the staff details. Whereas, these academic centers are extremely important for the country, it’s important that they themselves maintain their documents and records and the staff details in an exceedingly single place. Since these details are very important to a student, the institute cannot afford to misplace it. Hence, Beebo Tech ERP for academic institutes plays a delicate yet very important role for the institutes.

ERP for academic institutes will facilitate the management and also the admin team to manage academic related processes like fees management, money accounting, library

management, grades & exams management, admission management, etc. ERP for academic institutes is meant to flow the data between every stockholder like students, staff, parents, alumni etc. this may be useful to extend transparency of institutional policies & student quality and quicker process of documents.

This is a one-time investment that results in decrease within the expenses / prices within the end of the day. An ERP Software creates ease in the time & efficiency factor which is very important for the educational institutions.

The portals let the admin manage the data easily anytime, anywhere. They hold numerous mechanisms for economical info for stakeholders like news broadcast, emails, SMS alerts, chats, discussion forums etc. Beebo Tech ERP provides the management with a consolidated read not just for the scholars however additionally for the college in an academic trust.